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Come on a 'Journee'

The 'Come on a Journee with Me' series explores various themes including the dynamic between Black fathers and their daughters, traveling, entrepreneurship, the importance of educating ourselves on Black culture/history, and more.

Meet the Authors


Fred Whitaker Jr.

Growing up between the make or break city of New York and resolute small towns of rural North Carolina, Fred developed traits to become a balanced businessman. New York introduced Fred to the meaning of “hustle” and “ambition” while North Carolina equipped him with Southern compassion and charm. Now the man the world sees has the experience and ability to single-handedly take numerous careers to the next level.

As C.E.O. and manager of Journee Enterprises, a talent management and consulting firm, Fred has executed a number of opportunities for rising star Terrence J (MTV, Think like a Man 1 & 2). Fred was also instrumental in Terrence J landing exclusive endorsements with Jeep, Mountain Dew, and Pepsi.

Furthermore, Fred has successfully managed and secured vital opportunities for La La Anthony, Angela Simmons, and Angela Yee. Although Fred has worked endlessly with stars, he has also worked alongside major corporations such as the Boys and Girls Club, McDonald's, and Disney Dream Academy. Wearing many hats, he never loses sight of his main goal – to provide incomparable service for each of his clients.

In addition to Fred’s clients, he has diligently made strides in his own career by producing an HBCU 101 TV series and a book series, while co-founding the HBCU Experience and owning an Atomic Wings franchise restaurant. Fred proves, as his company motto states, it is the little things you do in life that make all the difference. Hence, why Come on a Journee with Me is important to Fred both as the CEO and manager of Journee Enterprises.

With this book, Fred’s hope is to highlight great Black fathers and the Black culture that has shaped these major cities for children who are less fortunate to experience traveling outside of their own communities.


Courtney E. Whitaker

Courtney E. Whitaker is a writer, co-executive television producer and creative entrepreneur. As a writer, Courtney’s work includes poetry, short stories, features, articles, and screenwriting. Her words have appeared in publications such as Style Caster, The Beet, and XoNecole.


Courtney has built a 9+ year career as an executive and producer in television. She has developed and worked production on a wide variety of shows including VH1’s Hip Hop Squares, the Emmy nominated Martha & Snoop, E’s Celeb GameFace, Disney +’ Turning The Tables With Robin Roberts, and many more.


Currently she serves as a creative executive and co-ep for The SpringHill Company, founded by LeBron James and Maverick Carter. When she’s not honing her writing or television skills, Courtney runs the lifestyle website, and the TV & film recommendation platform Binge This now. Her passion is to tell the stories of the underrepresented through different forms of media.

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