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A new holiday edition from sibling duo Fred & Courtney Whitaker!

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In the third installment of Come On A Journee With Me, Journee and Briley Miles find themselves on an unforgettable mission for their Grandmother in the city of Atlanta during the holidays. With the help of a new set of friends, the girls will explore the history, music, and culture in ATL. 

New York City

When Journee and Briley Miles join her father for his work trip to New York City, the young girls accidentally stumble upon an epic adventure. Together, with the help of their dog Oreo, they discover the hidden gems and culture of the city.

Washington DC
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Washington D.C.

On the second installment of Come On A Journee With Me, Journee and Briley Miles are joining their father on another work trip, but new location, Washington DC. This time the young girls have an escort and an even bigger adventure. Together with Oreo the family dog and their escort, Chance. The crew learns about the great history and sights of the Nation's Capitol.

Meet the Characters

Journee Miles

8 years old, the daughter of Fred Miles

Full of spunk and wit, Journee isn't your average 8 year old. She's extremely intelligent and independent. However, despite her vast knowledge, she always seems to find herself getting in a bit of trouble. Together, with her best friend Briley, and her dog Oreo, they find themselves on an epic adventure everyday. 


Fred Miles

Journee's Dad and Briley's Uncle

He loves to take the girls on his work trips and enjoys spending time with them. 


Mary “Ms. Chick” Miles 

Journee and Briley’s Great Grandmother 

Ms. Chick is Fred’s Grandmother and the great Grandmother of the girls. She’s beloved within her community because of her cooking, generosity, warm spirit and charity work. 


Briley Miles

11 years old, cousin and best friend of Journee Miles

Briley is responsible, organized, and always has a schedule or plan in mind. Do things ever go according to the plan? Nope, not when you pair her with the spontaneousness of Journee. 



ATL Native & Family Friend

Harmoni is an Atlanta native with a love for music and singing. Her family roots tie directly to the history of Atlanta. She helps Journee, Briley and Oreo during their time there. 



Puppy and lovable furball

The uncontrollable puppy that loves food and playing on the grass just as much as he loves Journee and Briley.

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